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Released: 2014-08-20.


The focus for this release is addition of a windows client and bugfixing.


This is mainly a bugfix release, see detailed change log at the bottom of the page.

  • Upgraded to Java8

Updating from 1.3


  • A Java8 JVM is now requered to run the reference components
  • A Tomcat8 is required to run the new webservices.

Reference settings

  • A new setting for determining whether a ReferencePillar is a FileReferencePillar or ChecksumReferencePillar, PillarType (under PillarSettings). This is instead of the deprecated '' and '' scripts. The setting is mandatory for pillars, and it must be either 'FILE' or 'CHECKSUM'.
  • A new optional setting for FileReferencePillar VerifyDataConsistencyOnMessage (under PillarSettings) to determine whether to actually check the data on the disk when receiving a message, or just refer to the data in the database.
  • MaxChecksumAge (in the IntegrityServiceSettings) for a specific pillar can now be set to 0, which ignores checks for obsolete checksums (recommended especially for ChecksumPillars).


List of issues resolved in this release

T Key P Summary

Known bugs found in this release

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