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Released: 2013-11-21.



  • Derby database creation and version migration automated.
  • Configuration view added to web client.
  • Missing files reporting in integrity service now scales to large number of files.
  • Audit trails now include OperationId and Certificate fingerprint. This depends on whether the pillar supports this, currently only the SB pillars provide this information.

Updating from 1.0


Audit trail databases

The following two columns has been added to the audittrail DB: operationID and fingerprint

To update the database do the following:

  • Derby: Either just run the reference pillar and integrity service, which will automatically update the DB, or run the sql/derby/auditContributorDBUpdate2to3.sql script on the DBs.
  • PostgreSQL: Run the sql/postgres/auditContributorDBUpdate2to3.sql script on the reference pillar and integrity service DBs.

Reference settings

  • Introduced optional AllowAutoMigrate and AllowAutoCreate to enable disable of automatic DB updates. Defaults are true


List of issues resolved in this release

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Known bugs found in this release

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