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Description of the reference system being developed based on the concrete Architecture defined in the project.

Reference architecture

The reference implementation of the system is shown on the right. The setup shown here includes:

  • Concrete pillars: The pillars implemented in the system.
  • Infrastructure: The central infrastructure used in the Coordination Layer.
  • Reference libraries: Can be used for implementing Bit Repository components. The Reference pillar, services and webclient are based on these libraries.
  • Reference services: The Services running in the system for monitoring and aggregation information. All the reference services expose REST interfaces for accessing their functionality.
  • Enduser client: A typical client used by the enduser. The reference web client and command line can be used here for accessing the different functionalities in the system.

Reference libraries

The reference libraries serves as the basis of, and are used as building blocks for the higher level services and clients.

Reference services

Documentation on the concrete services in the reference implementation.

  • Alarm service descriptionThe alarm service responsibility is to listen for alarms, store and provide access to alarms and alert of received alarms.
  • Audit Trails Service descriptionThe audit trails service purpose is to collect, store, and secure audit trails, along providing access to them.
  • Integrity service descriptionThe integrity services purpose is to monitor the state of integrity on a per collection basis. This is done by periodically collecting information about files and their checksums on each pillar. Based on the collected information the state of integrity can be determined.
  • Monitoring service descriptionThe monitoring service is tasked with monitoring the availability and responsiveness of components in the repository, and sending alarms in case of discovered problems.
  • Description archive

Reference pillar

The reference code based includes a full implementation of a pillar.

Reference clients

Reference settings

Defines the system settings for the reference components.

Reference architecture
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