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Describes the clients in the reference code.

The command line client is an artifact of the reference client library module. The reference client libraries is utilized to build a runable command line client.

The command line client have two distinct intentions:

  • Provide a convenient interface for simple operations against a bitrepository.
  • Demonstrate how the client reference library can be used to implement a runnable client.

It is not recommended to use the command line client for bulk ingest operations. For such purpose the recommendation is to write a specific client against the reference client libraries.

Apart from the command line client, the reference code also contains a WebClient GUI. This GUI provides access to the different monitoring, integrity, and cleanup services.

Other applications can also act as clients, as long as they use the commands from the reference code. Currently at KB these other clients include Kuana (built on Preservica) and NetarchiveSuite, which after having harvesting and processed data, stores it on a pillar, using their own BitRepository client implementation based off of the reference code.

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