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The ReferencePillar currently comes in two different formats, the FullReferencePillar and the ChecksumReferencePillar (also know as the ChecksumPillar), and currently they both requires commandline installation and instantiation.

This is the guide for installing ReferencePillars of version 0.19 or more.

Installation of the ReferencePillar

The installation of the ReferencePillar is done in the following way:

  1. Download the ReferencePillar zip file. (
  2. Unzip the zip-file.
  3. Go to the directory root directory, where the zip-file has been unzipped (named 'bitrepository-reference-pillar-VERSION').
  4. Copy your settings files into the 'conf' subfolder, e.g. the CollectionSettings.xml and the ReferenceSettings.xml. (There is already placed examples of these settings in the 'conf' directory)
  5. Copy you certificate file (e.g. 'pillar-XX.pem') in the 'conf' subfolder.
  6. Run the bin/ script. This will create the checksum and auditContributor databases according to the settings in the ReferenceSettings.xml.


To instantiate the FullReferencePillar run the script from the 'bin' folder: start

And to stop it again: stop

The pillar can be restarted with the command: restart

The status for the pillar can be checked with the command (e.g. whether it is running): status


The ChecksumPillar has the exact same functions as the FullReferencePillar, the script is just called '' instead of '': start stop restart status

Upgrading the ReferencePillar

Before you upgrade the ReferencePillar (either the FullReferencePillar or the ChecksumPillar) make sure, that you have the following (e.g. place a copy outside the current installation prior to upgrading):

  • The zip-file with the new version of the ReferencePillar.
  • The CollectionSettings, ReferenceSettings and certificate for the new installation of the ReferencePillar (they might be same as for the version you are about to upgrade)

Refer to the release-notes for the version you are about to upgrade to. Follow the version specific upgrade guides, if any.

To upgrade an existing ReferencePillar while preserving the databases and files do the following:

  • Shutdown the current instance of the pillar (e.g. run ' stop' or ' stop' in the 'bin' folder).
  • Delete the 'bin', 'lib' and 'conf' folders in the installation directory of the pillar.
  • Unzip the file into the current installation directory (or unzip it elsewhere and move the folders 'bin', 'conf' and 'lib' into the installation directory of the pillar).
  • Copy the CollectionSettings, the ReferenceSettings and the certificate files for the ReferencePillar into the 'conf' directory.
  • Start the pillar (e.g. run ' start' or ' start').


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  1. The 2 descriptions should be merged to a generic and 2 type specific sections.

  2. This is severely outdated.

    Based on CollectionSettings, which are legacy and replaced by RepositorySettings.

    Relies on the automatic creation of Derby databases, which we do not support for production purposes. Use PostgreSQL instead.