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Information about the projects tasks, plans, ressources, meetings, etc. 

  • Activity streamsHere you can find listings of the recent changes in the projects documentation, issues, source code etc.
  • Calendar
  • MeetingsHere you can find a listing of all Bitrepository meetings, including older meetings which can be found under the archived pages.
  • Milestone planThis is a breakdown of the full project into more manageable milestones
  • ProcessDescription of the development processes in in Bitmagasinet
  • Ressource planThis plan describes which human ressources are needed from the involved organizations at a given point in time.
  • Prioritized implementation listHere you can find the prioritized list of detailed functionalities, which we plan to implement.
  • Project membersListing of persons contribution to the Bitmagasin project
  • ReviewsListning of issue for review
  • Mailing listsMailing list information for the bitrepository project.
  • Task breakdownStrategy for breaking down the specification and implementation work into small manageable tasks
  • Unresolved-issuesThis is a listing of all the pages marked as Unresolved Issues
  • VocabularyHere you can find a listing of the terms used in Bitmagasinet and their definitions
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