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Documentation of the different operations available to use for clients.

  • Get FileThe Get File operation is used to retrieve files from the repository based on a SB Pillar FileID limitations. The file is uploaded to a url defined in the request.
  • Put FileThe Put File operation or put file functionality places a given data object/checksum in the bit repository identified with a given file ID.
  • Delete FileThe Delete File operation or delete file functionality deletes the data object / checksum, identified by the given an file ID, from the bit repository.
  • Replace FileThe Replace File operation or replace file functionality replace the data object/checksum, identified by the given an ID in the bit repository with a given new data object.
  • Get File IDsGets list of file identifiers from a pillar, i.e. the identifiers of the data objects placed on the pillar.
  • Get ChecksumsGets checksums of objects on a pillar according to a SLA.
  • Get Audit TrailsFunctionality to get audit trails for files belonging to a specific bit preservation collection.
  • AlarmsAlarms are used by components to signal a error situation which might be relevant to other system participants. The primary alarm producers will be pillars.
  • Get StatusGet Status provides the status of the bit repository with respect to files in a specific bit preservation context.
  • Mass ProcessingMass processing of files in a specific bit preservation context
  • Processing Single FileSingle processing of File on a pillar in sense of the a given data object with specific file id given within a SLA.

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