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The monitoring service is tasked with monitoring the availability and responsiveness of components in the repository, and sending alarms in case of discovered problems.The monitoring service periodically requests the status from the various components in the system as a heartbeat. Based on the received status information the service will report the components to have one of the following statuses:

  • Unknown: The status of the component have not yet been determined (no response received yet), this status is only possible just after the service have been started.
  • Unresponsive: The component have failed to respond N status requests. N = 3 as default
  • Ok: The component itself have reported its status to be ok. 
  • Warning: The component itself have reported its status to be warning. This response code indicates that the component is working, but is experiencing something that might become a problem, for example, low disk space. 
  • Error: The component itself have reported its status to be error. The response indicates that the component is not working correctly (yet able to answer get status requests), and action is needed. 

In the case that a component stops answering (becomes unresponsive) or delivers a status that is not 'ok', an alarm will be sent off to the alert of the condition. 

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