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Provides monitoring of the components in a single collection.

TODO: Obsolete, should be rewritten.

Must provide following information to the system (apart from information for normal operation):

  • alarms on suspicous user that can compromise security of data
  • alarms on various issues of operation, e.g. specific pillar out of protocol often
  • alarms concerning analysis of protocol log
  • alarms of fall out of parts of the protocol

Some of third information must somehow become part of the AuditTrail.

An overview of how the Monitoring Service interchange information with Alarms and Audit trails is given in Reference services.

Monitoring Service Use Cases

Use cases for Monitoring Service

Monitoring Service Communication

Communication on coordination layer in commection with Monitoring Service

Monitoring Service Processes

Processes in connection with Monitoring Service

Monitoring Service Pillar Requirements

Pillar requirements in commection with Monitoring Service

Unresolved Issues - Monitoring Service

Unresolved Issues for Monitoring Service

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