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Description of the application breakdown into separate modules
The general principle driving the breakdown is the need to differentiate between different deployment scenarios. 


  • MessageXML moduleXSD schemas defining the data structures of the Bitmagasin messages
  • Protocol moduleContains the general protocol functionality, like message bus connectors, message processing and data transmission code 
  • Access client moduleContains functionality for reading from the BitMagasin. This includes Get File, Get Checksums and Get File IDs
  • Modifying client moduleAll functionality for writing to the Bitrepository is located here. This includes Put File, Delete File and Replace File.
  • Processing client moduleContains the client side functionality for Processing Single File and Mass Processing  
  • Alarm client moduleContains the Alarm client functionality
  • Integrity client moduleContains the integrity client code
  • Audit client moduleContains the client side functionality for accessing audit logs.
  • Monitoring moduleContains the code for the central monitoring service, which is part of the Coordination Layer.
  • Integration moduleThe tests for examining the integrated system (or part of it).
  • Common moduleContains code shared by all modules. Examples are utils and configuration loading.
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