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The integrity processes serve to cover collection of information, check of integrity based on collected information, re-establishment of integrity, as well as logging and alarming based on the other processes.

The figure illustrates the processes of the integrity client, and the communication used by each process.

Note that the integrity client keeps a state of collected information. This collected information should be seen as a cache and can be reestablished from the pillars.

"Collect information" and "Reestablish information" are the processes that collects information from the pillar. Furthermore "Update according to changed SLA" will collect new information that is required aftar a SLA update, for instance a new pillar or different requirements to the interval between checks.

"Integrity check" and "Check information is up-to-date" works in the collected information, and raises alarms in case of inconsistency.

"Correct errors" will allow integrity to be reestablished in case of inconsistencies.

Finally "Log integrity information" ensures that the logs from the active bitpreservation are preserved, by replicating that information to the bit repository.

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