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  • Installation guide for a ChecksumPillar
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This is a installation guide for version 1.6 of the ReferenceChecksumPillar using a PostgreSQL database and certificates. Installation being performed on Linux.


For the ChecksumPillar to be able to run, the following is required on the machine, before installation:

  • Requires Java v. 8 (can be either Oracle or OpenJDK)
  • Requires installation of PostgreSQL.
  • Requires open firewall to the ActiveMQ of the setup.


For configuring the ChecksumPillar to be able to participate in a repository-setup, the following is required:

Installation of the ChecksumPillar

Download the software for the ChecksumPillar:
> wget

Unpack the package:
> tar xvf bitrepository-reference-pillar-1.6-distribution.tar.gz

Install the database

Start in the root of the installation directory, and run the following through a terminal:

> createuser -P -s -e bitmag
(write 'bitmag' for both username and password)
> createdb checksumdb
> createdb auditdb
> psql -d checksumdb -f sql/postgres/checksumDBCreation.sql
> psql -d auditdb -f sql/postgres/auditContributorDBCreation.sql


Place the RepositorySettings.xml, the ReferenceSettings.xml and the certificate in the 'conf' directory.


Change the following in the ReferenceSettings (The dots means parts of the ReferenceSettings, which you can ignore):

<ReferenceSettings xmlns="">

Change the path to the certificate in the file in the 'bin' folder.

Setup as a Service

Turn the pillar into a Linux service. Place the following script in '/etc/init.d/' (remember to replace the path):

# chkconfig: 345 84 14
# description: Service script (start, stop status) for BitMag pillar service.


case "$1" in
        su - $USER_ACCT -c "/path/to/pillar/bin/ start"

        su - $USER_ACCT -c "/path/to/pillar/bin/ stop"

        su - $USER_ACCT -c "/path/to/pillar/bin/ status"
        echo "Usage: $0 { start | stop | status }"
        exit 1
exit $?


Start the service and look in the log (under log folder). It should have the following lines (dots for ignore the begining and/or the end the line):

  • ... Initializing ActiveMQMessageBus...
  • ... Settings component filter to: <PILLARID>
  • ... Creating the connection to the database 'DatabaseSpecifics [driverClass=org.postgresql.Driver, ...

  • ... Starting the ReferencePillar of type 'CHECKSUM'

Ensure that the pillar did not erroneous automatically create a Derby database, by validating the no 'checksumDB' or 'auditDB' folders is located either the installation directory or a conf/checksum folder.

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