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Get Status provides the status of the bit repository with respect to files in a specific bit preservation context.

The GetStatus operation contributes with status information to e.g. to external monitoring systems. The GetStatus operation only deliver simple status information in form of e.g. Ping (alive). It is up to the external monitoring systems to be intelligent about which bit repository components that are expected to be alive for the specific bit preservation context.

The Get Status can be addressed to the different components in the bit repository which includes:

  • Pillars
  • Services

In the first reference implementation this will include ping, and may later include more informativ status data. Note that there are no intelligence connected to GetStatus. If intelligence (e.g. monitoring whether the expected clients and pillars for a bit preservation context is present) is needed, this will have to be made on the client side using the GetStatus as basis.

Note that active notification regarding problems in components in the system is communicated via. alarms.

This functionality is currently being specified, see BITMAG-174@jira.

Get Status - Communication

Communication in connection with the GetStatus operation

Unresolved issues - Get Status

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