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Collection communication involves both messaging and data transmission. The messaging part is illustrate below

The details on alams are described under Alarms Communication. GetFileIDs communication follows the same pattern as for Get File Communications. However the part with identification of pillars are not included here.

The data trasmission involved is described under File Exchange protocol. It can be used either in transmission of message parameters or data as a result of a request.

The messages, data for possible transmission and elements for messages and data are defined in xsd .


An overview is given in the below figure.

Sequence Diagram

The sequence diagram for file list corresponds to last part of a get operattion. The sequence diagram is given below.

Note: The getFileIDs message is not always sent to the General Topic. It is usually sent to the ReplyTo given in the IdentifyPillarsForGetFileIDsReply received before sending the getFileIDs message.

Possible later additions

In case we want to open possibility to give resulting file IDs in a respons message then the following parameter may be included

  • Optionally max count of files in reply message
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