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Gets checksums of objects on a pillar according to a SLA.

The GetChecksums operation will typically be used in connection with integrity check and possibly to verification of a put operation.

The GetChecksums operation covers both ordinary checksums and checksums with salts. However checksums with salts cannot work on checksum pillars.

Examples of use of the GetChecksums operation can be found in connection with description of subprocesses of the integrity client: Collect integrity inf. process and Collection communication.

The figure illustrates the which components that are involved from the System overview, as well as operation messages.

Includes BITMAG-75@jira

Get Checksums User Stories

Get Checksums Communication

Get Checksums Client Processes

Get Checksums - Pillar Requirements

Pillar requirements in connection with Get Checksums operation

Design Decisions - Get Checksums

Get Checksums solution cookbook

Implementation notes for GetChecksums functionality

Unresolved Issues - Get Checksums

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