Description in how to compile the Bitrepository source

Build phases

See Introduction to the Build Lifecycle for details


mvn compile


mvn package

Message class generation

Note: Because the protocol module uses the message-xml module packaged jar, a mvn install needs to be run on the message-xml module (or the full project), before the protocol module can find the xsd's it will try to generate message classes from. The sequence is:

  1. Message-xml packaging: Creates a jar with the xsd's
  2. Message-xml install: Copies the jar to the local maven repository
  3. Protocol: generate-source: Extracts the xsd's from the Message-jar to the target/message-xml dir
  4. Protocol: process-sources: Generates the message classes in the target/generated-sources/xjc dir

This will also work if mvn install is run from the parent project.

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