Collecting and securing audit trails and making them available for the Get Audit Trails functionality
The audit trail service is a Reference services which will be part of the reference implementation (other possible implementations are described on Different Audit Trails solutions).

The audit trail service has the responsibilities of:

  • Collecting audit trail from contributors on a regular basis.
  • Exposing the collected audit trails. This includes providing filtering functionality.
  • Securing audit trails for long term storage in a dedicated Special Audit trails Bit Repository Collection, which only contain audit trail information for a file bit repository collection.

This means that Audit Trails clients in most cases can be siplified to just ask this audit trails service for the requested audit trails. Furthermore all ensurance of audit trails are placed as part of the service.

The Audit trail contributors are all the pillars in a collection.

Audit Trails Service Communications

Communication via coordination layer for the Audit Trails Service

Outstanding Audit trail issues  (${entries.size()} issues)

T Key Summary

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