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Describes the tests needed to validate the audit trail functionality. This includes test of both the Audit Trail Service and the Audit Trail Service functionality on the contributing components.

The Audit Trail Service should have been running for enough time for the collector to have collected audit trail events from the components prior to the test.


  • First verify that audit trail events have been collected by expanding the Show collection schedule panel.
  • Verify that new audit trails are collected:
    1. Put a new file.
    2. Trigger a new retrieval of audit trails.
    3. Verify that the Last collected number of audits-column of the Show collection schedule panel shows that a number of audit trails were collected from the relevant collection.
  • Test the different filters: Set each filter to a given value and verify that the table filters correctly.

Audit trail preservation

This test is rather cumbersome, and should only be run in case of changes to the code affecting the audit trail preservation

  1. Configure the audit trail preservation to run once every other minute and set the log level to debug. Also configure the audit trail collection grace period so the collection never starts (can't go above ~PT596H because of underlying conversion to int → overflow)

  2. Clear the (audit trail service) database.
  3. Restart the tomcat
  4. Look in the audit trail service log to verify that:
    1. The audit trail preservation is scheduled to run every other minute
    2. The first preservation run should start quickly.
    3. The preservation should finish quickly packing 0 audit trails (no audits have been collected yet).
    4. All collections are preserved
  5. Start the collection of audit trails.
  6. Look in the audit trail service log to verify that:
    1. Some audit trails have been collected prior to the preserver running.
    2. The preserver starts as scheduled.
    3. A number of audit trail are packed and ingested.
    4. The contents of the audit trail files are correct.

Unresolved audit trail issues.  (${entries.size()} issues)

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