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Overview of the systems structural elements and relationships based on a concrete architecture.
Note that the documentation here describes a specific architecture chose based on the general Protocol.

System overview

General overview of the system architecture and functionalities

ActiveMQ Message Bus

In the Danish national bit repository we use ActiveMQ brokers as the message bus

File exchange


Description of the the different security related aspects of the protocol

  • Operation permissionsDescribes how messages requesting operation on a collection is are checked against the permission model.  
  • EncryptionTo prevent anybody from eavesdropping on the bit repository data and messages exchanged, all communication is encrypted. Two levels of PKI are used.
  • AuthorizationAuthorization management is necessary because all clients/systems operating within a given SLA may not be allowed to have equal access to data.
  • ConfidentialityInformation about the Bitrepository confidentiality considerations


Defines the stability requirements for the participants of the system

Bit Repository instance

A instance defines a closed context in a BitRepository system for maintaining one or more collection of files.

  • Destination syntaxDefinition of the syntax for string representation of an ActiveMQ destination
  • RepositorySettingsDescribes the format of the RepositorySettings configuration.

Input to organisation

Design decisions - Architecture

Unresolved Issues - Architecture


A pillar consists of a specific media and infrastructure giving it specific characteristics which are used when an agreement of service levels (SLA). A pillar is defined as a representation of a copy of data that can be seen and analyzed as an individual unit at the abstract level. Related to a given Bit Repository instance the pillar can either represent a Full copy pillar or a Checksum pillar. See also Bitmagasin pillars for more details of the specific pillars.

  • Pillar SLADescribes the pillar characteristics which needs to be defined, besides the ones defined in the RepositorySettings.
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