Sonar is an open platform to manage code quality.

Find the SBForge Sonar site here.



Enable Maven projects by clicking the Sonar checkbox at the bottom of the projects configure page. The install goal needs to be called for the Sonar statistics to be deployed correctly. See Sonar documentation for details.


Sonar content can be embedded by using the installed Sonar macros.


Sonar content can accessed through the installed Sonar Gadgets and TabPanel . See JIRA Sonar plugin for details.

h4. Eclipse

  • Eclipse plugin
  • Configure code styles:
    • Install the Eclipse checkstyle plugin
        • Configure the plugin to use the relevant Sonar checkstyle profile by:
          • Go to into Window -> Preferences -> Checkstyle
          • Select New under Global configurations
          • Select Remote configuration from the drop down
          • Paste the url obtained from the Permalink section under the relevant profile on the Sonar profiles page as the remote url
          • Right click the project and select properties.
          • Select checkstyle
          • Select the Sonar configuration from the drop down
          • You might consider only checking the files you are currently working on, see screen shot on the left.

IntelliJ IDEA