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Listing of the Eclipse plugins relevant for SBForge integration. 

Plugins can be installed by numerous methods.

  • Eclipse Marketplace
  • Manually by adding update sites
  • OS package management system

Eclipse Marketplace: (Use for Eclipse 3.6 and newer)

  1. Go into Help -> Eclipse Marketplace..
    1. If Eclipse Marketplace is not present, it must be installed as a plugin (see installation instructions below)
  2. Search for the relevant plugin (e.g. 'sonar') and click on the relevant install button.
  3. Finish go through the installation process.

Manual addition of plugins:

  1. Going into Help -> Install New Software...
  2. Paste the update site for the plugin into the top Work with field add click Add...
  3. Name the update and click Ok
  4. Wait for the functionality options for the update site is loaded and select the relevant features.
  5. Finish up the selections and start the installation.

OS packagemanagement system: (Linux only)

Some Linux distributions will package Eclipse and plugins in a modularised manner. Fedora for instance packages Subclipse and Mylyn as individual packages.

Installation of Eclipse Marketplace:

  1. Go into Help -> Install New Software...
  2. Choose the appropriate repository (in Eclipse 3.6 that is Helios Milestone Repository) from the drop-down box next to Work with
    1. Should the repository not be there it must be activated by clicking on Available Software Sites
  3. Under General Purpose Tools the item Marketplace Client can be chosen for installation.


  • SubclipseSubversion integration
  • Atlassian connector for EclipseIntegrates Eclipse to JIRA, Fisheye and Crucible
  • M2EclipseMakes Eclipse Maven2 aware
  • MylynTask and application lifecycle management (ALM) framework for Eclipse, needed for JIRA integration
  • Eclipse SonarIntegrates Eclipse to SBForge Sonar. This include code style integration (Checkstyle)
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