Information regarding the different tools used at SBForge
SBForge consists of a number of heavily integrated tools centered around a core of Atlassian products. The idea is to provide a complete collaberative development platform for Open Source software projects, based on best-of-breed tools. For further information regarding the advantages of using SBForge, see Benefits of using the SBForge platform

For the status of the SBForge tooling platform in general se TOOL-8 Establish production SBForge and Statsbiblioteket site

  • ConfluenceThis wiki which is used for SBForge hosted documentation. The wiki is based on Atlassians Confluence Enterprise Wiki 
  • CrowdThe SBForge Single-Sign-On application based on Atlassian Crowd, which manages the users and group used in the Tools applications.
  • CrucibleCrucible is an online review tool integrated with Fisheye. The SBForge Crucible can be found here
  • EclipseDescribes how to setup the Eclipse IDE for developing SBForge projects.
  • FisheyeFisheye is a SCM repository browser. The SBForge Fisheye can be found here
  • ForumsWe currently use the Confluence forum functionality provided through the Community Bubbles plugin
  • IntelliJ IDEADescribes how to setup IntelliJ IDEA IDE for developing SBForge projects.
  • JenkinsJenkins Continuous Integration server (previously known as Hudson). You can find it here
  • JIRAThe SBForge issuetracker
  • MavenMaven is a state-of-the-art Java build system replacing Ant.
  • NexusMaven repository manager
  • SonarSonar is an open platform to manage code quality.
  • SubversionSubversion is an open source version control system used in SBForge
  • Team calendarsProvides calendar functionality for Confluence/JIRA integrating JIRA, personal, iCal, Google etc. calendars.  
  • Test
  • Webdav serverThe web server used to expose project downloads and custom websites (f.ex. Maven site)
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